Workplace Harassment Symposium at U.S. Consulate

Women's Day Event 2018

On Tuesday, August 28, U.S. Consul General Margaret Hawthorne hosted the second annual Women’s Day Event at Roosevelt House.

After last year’s successful panel discussion on Women’s Empowerment, the Consulate held a second event this year. Building of the #MeToo Movement, this year’s topic focused on Workplace Harassment, particularly Sexual Harassment.

Guest speaker Karin Bosman, from the Netherlands, gave a presentation and led a discussion on what’s workplace harassment, what should the government, companies, and individuals do to address it, and what is Curacao’s experience with the Issue. Ms. Bosman is an experienced professional and international speaker on sexual harassment and other forms of unwanted behavior and the CEO of About Workplace Harassment, a company that provides workshops and training.

In May, 2017, she released a study on the issue here in Curacao. It showed that 33 percent of the workforce on Curacao was a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace.  In a follow-up study this year, she found that 64% of employees frequently experience undesirable physical contact.

Among the invited guests were Members of Parliament, former Prime Minister Maria Liberia-Peters, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and others interested in this topic.

Based on the results of Ms. Bosman’s study, there is a need for improvement, but it’s encouraging that Curacao’s society is aware of the challenges and is willing to tackle them, some of the guests concluded.