The Day of the Visa Interview

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  2. The Day of the Visa Interview

Arrival Time: On the day of your interview, please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Your place in line is not be determined by the order you arrive. It is not necessary to arrive in the pre-dawn hours to get in line.

Prohibited Items: You are not allowed to enter the U.S. Consulate with any of the following: phones, electronics, food, liquids, weapons, sharp objects, luggage,  bags, or purses.  Only application-related papers carried by hand will be permitted.  Other items may be prohibited at the discretion of security staff.  There is no facility at the U.S. Consulate to store personal items.

Security Screening: To enter the Consulate, all persons must go through an airport-security type of screening. The Consulate does not provide lockers or storage bins for personal items. Any person refusing to comply with all security screening procedures will be denied entry to the Consulate.

Required Items: Please refer to the list in Step 4 on our “How to Apply” page.

Interpreters: Interviews are conducted in English and Spanish.  An applicant must bring an interpreter if he or she does not speak English or Spanish well enough to participate unassisted in the visa interview.

Special Needs Visitors: Applicants may bring one person to help if they are elderly or disabled.  If you have a medical or other condition requiring a wheelchair or special accommodation, please alert the guards to your needs as you enter the building.

Accompanying Persons: Due to the limited size of our waiting room and the time required to screen consular clients, only applicants and the parents of minor applicants are admitted to the Consulate. Drivers, friends, and other relatives will not be permitted to enter and will be asked to wait for the applicant after the interview is completed.  Attorneys will not be permitted to accompany anyone into the Consulate.

Dress: Much of the waiting area is outside.  Dress appropriately for the interview and for the weather.

Be truthful.  At each window and during the interview, it is important you answer each question honestly and provide as much information as you can.  If you do not provide honest answers, your visa may be denied.  Do not attempt to conceal or give inaccurate information.

Fees: All fees for visa services are collected only inside the Consulate.  Do not pay any fees except to the cashier inside the Consulate.  If anyone other than the consular cashier requests a fee, please inform the consular officer during your interview.