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Happy National Anthem and Flag day to Aruba
March 18, 2020

Happy National Anthem and Flag day to Aruba

Aruba, Felis dia di himno i bandera! Happy Anthem and Flag day! I’m sorry can’t be in Aruba today with you.

As the world is facing difficult times, I want to stress the importance of the friendship between the United Stated and your beautiful island. In the face of this adversity, as with adversity we have overcome before, the bonds between our two countries and peoples not only continue, they will get stronger.

Arubans, on behalf of our Consulate General and our preclearance team at the airport, i want to convey all the best wishes from America. Take care of yourselves, you have every reason to be proud of One Happy Island – We’re not celebrating in the streets this year, but we are in our hearts. Next year on this day, we will see you in Aruba.